Central Systems

In the central system, the supply source of N2O-O2 is located in a storage area (cylinder room) separate from the treatment rooms. Flowmeters and the accessory equipment required for the delivery of the gases reside in the treatment rooms.

Advantages of the Central System

Flowmeters are mounted into a cabinet, on an arm (mounted within a cabinet or on a wall) or placed on a mobile stand for easy transfer to other operatories. Gas cylinders are maintained in a cylinder storage room and gas is delivered to the individual treatment rooms through copper pipes.

Because the cylinders are stored in a location separate from the treatment rooms, larger "G" and "H" size cylinders are employed. The "G" and "H" cylinders hold approximately ten times the amount of gas contained in the "E" cylinders associated with the portable system. Multiple treatment rooms can be connected through copper piping to the cylinders in the storage room for gas supply.

A significant advantage of the central system is the flexibility it offers. Several operatories can be plumbed for N2O-O2, and one or more flowmeters can provide service to all. If dedicated flowmeters are preferred they can be purchased when the system is installed (or over time to accommodate practice growth).

The central system is particularly attractive to offices where nitrous oxide is used on a regular basis and available space will accommodate a cylinder storage room. Economically speaking, the savings obtained over time from the use of larger gas cylinders will offset the initial investment in a central gas supply system

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Basic Components of the Central System

Located in the treatment room:

  • Flowmeter
  • Mobile stand, wall arm or cabinet mounting
  • DISS hoses
  • Vacuum system connection
  • Outlet station/s
  • Scavenging system with nasal mask
  • Corrugated tube and reservoir bag

Located in the cylinder storage room:

  • Hi/lo pressure alarm
  • Manifold with pressure regulators
  • Gas delivery lines
  • N2O-O2 "G" or "H" gas cylinders

Located near treatment area:

  • Zone valve
  • Alarm system monitor panel
  • Pipe lines (typically behind walls) run from the tank room to operatories for delivery of N2O-O2

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