Digital Ultra™ Package B—4 Cylinder Portable


Digital Ultra™ Package B—4 Cylinder Portable

Order No.: 56100-OS

Includes: Digital Ultra™ Flowmeter, 4 Cylinder Portable System, Scavenging Circuit II, Oral Surgery Accessories Package (adult full facemask, Hanks elbow with pop-off, directional Y valve & corrugated tube).

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44000 4-Cylinder Portable Manifold

Portable manifold that accommodates four gas cylinders - two oxygen and two nitrous oxide (non-digital and without flowmeter)

43003 ClearView™ Scavenging Circuit II (for Standard Bag Tee)

Includes: Scavenging Circuit with Vacuum Control Valve, Corrugated Tube and Reservoir Bag.

Includes a complimentary sampling of  ClearView™ Single-Use Nasal Masks (nasal masks included are representative of all sizes available).

47000 Oral Surgery Accessory Package

Package includes: adult full facemask, elbow with pop-off valve and corrugated tube.